Queensgate Studios is a great place for aspiring artists to gain skill and confidence in their work—whether they prefer watercolour, pastels, or oils. Linda Bennion is both an accomplished artist and a great teacher. That unusual combination—vast artistic experience and an effective teaching style—is a bonus for those of us at Queensgate. All you do… Read more “James N. Butcher, PhD”

James N. Butcher, PhD

I’ve learned so much over the years in Linda’s relaxed, intimate classes.  Expert help is always at hand when I need it.  My confidence and ability in all sorts of techniques and media have grown steadily, and I’m really proud of my artwork.

Debbie Pearce

I first started coming to Linda’s classes 3 years ago. I have drawn and painted since I was a child (in fact both my dad and brother paint also) but as an adult and with what life throws at you, it is not so easy to find the time or the right set up to… Read more “Anarkali Check”

Anarkali Check

I first studied art at school and have continued to paint and draw throughout my life. As an amateur, work tends to interrupt the flow, but I never gave up. I decided about two years ago to look for somewhere where I could be taught to better understand techniques, improve them and learn more
Read more “Rowland Gee”

Rowland Gee


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