10 sessions lasting 2 hours each session

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more experienced painter, there’s always something more to learn about the absorbing and satisfying art of watercolour painting.

Demonstration and instruction is given on an individual basis so that you can progress at your own speed

A large selection of watercolour paint and brushes are available to experiment with and an introduction on how to use them. The Studio has Aquarelle Arches blocks of every size to paint on.

Beginners: If you are starting to experiment with watercolour you can choose the following subjects to develop your techniques.

You will start at the beginning with colour mixing and brush selection working on projects in:

Still Life,

All of which offer the opportunity to practice washes, soft and hard edges, colour mixing, perspective, pattern and texture.

At the end of your course, you will have started your colour and technique portfolio and have finished at least one painting.

Intermediate: If you have some experience of watercolour you will have some idea of the sort of paintings you want to do. Wherever possible we would like you to bring some examples of your work, some of which you are pleased with and others which you feel are less successful so that we have an idea of where you want to go and help your painting problems.

We offer the opportunity to review what you have learned, fill in any gaps or techniques you need, help you assemble all your knowledge into a portfolio of techniques, information and colour. Developing techniques in:


Advanced: If you’ve been painting with watercolour for some time, you may need a change of direction or technique, a helpful, objective critique, or just to use our excellent light studio, models, materials and bountiful fresh flowers bought from Covent Garden Market every week. Working on your own can be very isolating, and many artists use our facilities for the relaxed, creative atmosphere, the company and the exchange of information.