Anarkali Check

I first started coming to Linda’s classes 3 years ago. I have drawn and painted since I was a child (in fact both my dad and brother paint also) but as an adult and with what life throws at you, it is not so easy to find the time or the right set up to concentrate on painting and to also push yourself to new limits creatively.

Linda’s classes are fabulous and you have a lot of flexibility in what you want to focus on. I first started on portraits, initially using charcoal and pencil and then moving on to oil. Doing life drawing showed me that I was not so good at hands and feet and drawing Fanny’s (the model) hands and feet led me to understand their anatomy – in fact, I ended up doing a couple of paintings with just hands and feet! The paintings were wild and a bit off the wall but I certainly learned about the ins and outs of hands and feet.

Over the last 2 years, I have been focusing on doing fairly large scale canvases of pictures I have taken on my travels and anything that will push my knowledge of how to put oil on canvas and how to manipulate oil to achieve the effects you want. That is the great thing about how Linda teaches you. She pretty much lets you get on with painting but will always provide you with tips and hints on how to achieve the effect you want and she certainly makes you see things around you in a different way. For me, it is a constant discovery of what I am capable of doing and how far I can push myself. I know that
I am a different painter now than I was when I first started Linda’s classes and along the way I have produced paintings, some of which I am very proud of. A friend of mine even liked one of my paintings enough that she bought it and it is now hanging in her apartment in Berlin! Even as I paint a current picture, I am thinking about what next I can produce and I am more sensitive to what is around me and how I observe things, as I think of what next to paint.

I do Linda’s classes twice a week and they are such fun and relaxing. Everyone who attends her classes is great and it is good to also see what everyone else is doing and creating. There are some great works of art being created in these classes. I now cannot imagine life without these classes and I do get frustrated when work commitments make me miss classes.