Oil Painting

10 sessions lasting 2 hours each

Possibly the most versatile medium of all, many people choose to get to grips with oil painting at Queensgate, as there is a large selection of oil paints and brushes to experiment with.

A large selection of oil paints and brushes are provided and the studio has storage for wet canvases in progress. A cleaning area with turps and fairy liquid is also provided.

Beginners: This course starts you off with the basics but with our innovative teaching techniques you will learn this by producing a painting.

· Simple drawing techniques and composition
· The use of the palette knife
· Brush techniques
· Colour Selection – mixing ingredient notes
· Textures
· Optional canvas sketching instruction

Intermediate & Advanced: For those who have painted with oils before and want to: improve or change their style, learn new techniques and improve the ones they have, use us as a clinic to redeem their own paintings which they’re unhappy with, we’re here to help.
And of course everyone can take advantage of our equipment, still life set-ups, fresh flowers and objects d’art.